Monday, 26 May 2014

Beauty from Bees

One of my favourite products that I am using at the moment is from Nip + Fab’s Bee Sting collection. Their bee sting collection contains bee venom which works by tricking the skin into thinking that it has been lightly ‘stung’. It is not painful like an actual sting I promise! The stinging effect plumps the skin to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

There are four products in their Bee Sting Fix Collection: A deluxe cream, an eye cream, a lifting face mask and a body soufflé. I have tried the Bee Sting Fix Lifting Face Mask, £14.75 and I love it! The mask is meant to smooth and lift your skin. It goes on as a clear gel, then you leave it on for 10 minutes or overnight (which I do to get all the benefits) and in the morning your skin should feel smoother and firmer.

Even after using the mask only once, I woke the next day and my skin felt so soft and definitely looked plumper. It was like getting a face lift overnight whilst I slept. I use the mask a couple of times a week to keep my skin soft and looking toned. I will definitely be trying their other products in this range.

Fiona xxx

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