Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Perfect for prom

If you are planning on doing your own makeup for your prom, here are my top tips to make sure things go smoothly and you look your best all night long:

1. Do a practice run. This is particularly important if you are trying a new look out for the first time.

2. Leave yourself enough time. As you have done a practice, you should have a rough idea of how long your makeup should take on the night. Make sure you give yourself enough time this prevents you rushing and getting flustered, leading to a hot, red face.

3. Curl your lashes and false lashes.  Before you put mascara on use eyelash curlers and press gently along the lashes, holding for 10s. Curling your natural eyelashes opens up your eyes. If you have decided to wear false eyelashes make sure you also curl them, as it makes them easier to apply. Make sure you measure your false lashes leaving a couple of mm gap at each end.  Make sure you allow the eyelash glue to go sticky before you apply the lashes as close to the lash line as possible. Try using tweezers for a more precise application.

4. Finish your look with a fixing spray. This makes sure you can dance the night through and still look great at the finish. My favourite fixing spray is MAC  Fix+, £12.

5. Touch up. Take a spare lash glue and lippie to touch up during the night if needed.

Have a great night.

Love Fiona

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