Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Feline Flicks

So I was very excited today when the post arrived as amongst the christmas cards was a package just for me (that doesn't happen very often!). When I ripped open the package it was my instant eyeliner tattoos and Paris Hilton false eyelashes that I had ordered from Beautiful Instant Eyes last week after I saw the promotion on twitter. Eyelashes were £1 how could I say no, I have never tried hers before so we shall see how they are but this post is about the eyeliner tattoos. At £1.98 for 4 pairs I thought it was a bargain, and everyone loves a bargain!!

I was intrigued as to how good these instant eyeliner flicks would be, maybe it would solve all those difficulties in getting both eyes to match up? Maybe it would put an end to liquid liner smudges in my creases? I chose the bottom pair for my first go:

So first step is to make sure there is no make-up or oil on the lid, I wiped over my eyes with a Bobbi Brown Hyrdating toner. Then the rest works in the same way as applying any semi-permanent tattoo (takes me back a bit!). With the pattern cut out I placed it onto my lid and dabbed it with a wet cotton pad.

Here is the finished effect. As you can see it does create a beautiful flick at the edge of your eye and they are easy enough to match up. However it did not fit the shape of my eye so I was left with gaps at the lash line and they only extended half way across the lid! I also found that the colour wasn't as dark as I like, it was more grey than black. So I could't leave it just like this. I used my liquid black liner, (Illamaqua precision ink in Abyss), to fill in any gaps and make a smooth line from the inner corners to the end of the flick. I also went over the tattoo to darken the colour but this more personal prefence as I like a dark black liner.


Another downside I found was if you want any eyeshadow on it has to added after putting the tattoo on.

Overall I dont think I will be converting to using these for my feline flicks as they are just as difficult as getting liquid liner perfect. They can be used as a template for the flick at the edge of the eye but I won't be buying them again! Always fun to try something new.

Have you ever tried instant eyeliner tattoos? What are your verdicts on them? Leave me a comment and let me know what you think :)

Love Fiona x

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