Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Upcoming nail trends

Its 2014! And to cheer you up I thought we would look forward to the nail varnish trends that are big this spring and you can start trying out now:

  • White with subtle embellishments. Paint your nails white but to stop them looking high school add a subtle embellishment to them. This can be anything from a metallic stripes to diamantes. 
  •    Nail art is here to stay. Be playful with your nail art, use your creativity! Try studs, crystals, gold leaf, pom poms, spots stripes, glitter, or foil. Maybe not all at once but introduce some element to your nails. Look to the catwalk for inspirational ideas such as the nails on the Libertine, Kenzo and Michael van der Haam catwalks.
  • The half moon manicure. This is when you paint the crescent of your nail bed in a different colour to your manicure. Or you can try what has been referred to as the ‘floating moon’ manicure when you leave the crescent blank.
  • Stripe detail. This is anything from a large strip down the middle of the nail in a bright cerulean blue varnish to a crosshatch effect. 
  • Pastel nails. Polishes this spring have moved away from the matte effect of winter and now varnishes have are pastel with a porcelain effect which is smooth and stony looking.

I think I am going to give the floating moons a go for my next mani! Which trend are you going to try out? Send me pics or leave a comment to let me know.


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