Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Tried and Tested: Nail files and Buffers

For Christmas I got a Stylfile nail file and nail buffer by Tom Pellereau. This S-file and S-buffer was designed by the winner of the apprentice Tom Pellereau. Tom designed this innovative S-shaped file and buffer to make filing and buffing easy and quick to do at home. Great as I always find doing my own nails hard whereas with clients fling and buffing is easy to do. 

·         The S-file. This has two sides with different grit to shape and smooth the nail. The S shape of the nail file has been designed specifically to make filing quick and easy. I always find that when filing my nails with a normal file I struggle more with my right hand (as I am right- handed). I also find that filing in one direction is harder than the other. The S-file made it easy to file in both directions and for both hands to get my desired nail shape quickly and effortlessly.


·         The S-Buffer. This is a 4-way buffer designed to follow the natural curve of your nail bed.  Using the buffer was easy, even with my non-dominant hand. It made buffing the nails and keeping them in condition easier.  I recommend using the number 4 buffer daily to gently buff cuticle oil into the nail. Then treat your nails every few weeks using the whole S-buffer.


Have you tried and of Tom’s Stylefile products? Let me know your thoughts. 


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