Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Nail Myths Busted!

Here is the truth behind some of those common nail myths that you hear:

•    Myth: white spots show lack of calcium. It has been believed for a while that white spots on your nails show that you are lacking in calcium. This is not true. White spots are usually due to trauma to the nail. Trauma can be just where you have knocked your nail plate on something; they are quite common and harmless.

•    Myth: nails need to breathe. Nails are not alive and do not need a break from your polish or enhancement to breathe. If anything keeping polish or an enhancement on your nails helps strengthen and protect them.

•    Myth: enhancements ruin nails. It is not the enhancement that causes nails to become thin or damaged. The damage occurs to the nail when enhancements are removed incorrectly or through picking or chewing them. Nail enhancements have become quite advanced and nail technicians do not need to damage your nail during application or removal.  If you are unsure about how to remove nail enhancements correctly then get them removed by a trained professional.

Are there any other nail myths that you would like solving? Let me know.

Love Fiona


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