Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Spring hair

Here are some of my favourite spring hair looks straight from the catwalk. These looks are great as they are quick, easy to achieve and suits everyone:

•    Messy Plaits: My favourite thing about this look is that it isn’t perfect. For a matt messy plait I useVO5 Give Me Texture oomph powder, £4.19. This powder adds texture to your hair without making it sticky and it is great for fine hair. To create the plait, then pull your hair around to one side in a French braid and secure with a bobble. Gently backcomb your ponytail and braid. You can remove the bobble by cutting it out if you wish, then pull the braid to loosen. Fix in place with hairspray and there you have it a perfectly messy braid!

•    Extreme side-partings:
As androgyny has made a come back so has extreme 1930s inspired boyish comb over. Choose which side of your head your parting suits you on, and pull you hair over to the other side. I use a fishtail comb and trace a line up from where you eyebrow starts to taper off. This look doesn’t have to be slicked down. Use your fingers to create a softer look. You can then pull you hair back into a low pony or tuck the swept hair behind your ear and leave it loose.

Which one will you try? Tweet me pics at @Fiona_BridalMUA

Love Fiona

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