Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Pedi at Home

It is time to get your toes into sandals, so to keep them in top shape here are some pedicure tips you can do at home:

•    Always buff your feet when they are dry. Focus on the dry areas and use a pumice stone to buff off any hard skin. My favourite tool is the Scholl Express Pedi, £29.99

•    Soak your feet in a bowl of warm water, or a foot spa if you have one. Pop some essential into the water and relax for 10 minutes.

•    Mix sugar and olive oil together and massage into your feet to get rid of the last bits of dry skin and leave your skin feeling smooth

•    Massage a refreshing, moisturiser into your feet and calves. My favourite moisturiser is Jennifer Young Smooth Skin balm, £12.

•    Use nail clippers and cut your toe nails straight across, use a file to round the edges and make the nail smooth so they won’t snag on anything

•    Massage cuticle oil into your cuticles and push back with a hoof stick., Be careful don’t push the cuticles back to hard, use gentle round movements

•    Buff the cuticle oil into the nail using a low grit buffer; this pushes the cuticle oil down into the nail.

Your feet should feel soft and smooth. Repeat this process as often as you feel it is needed to keep your feet looking and feeling great. Add some colour to your nails to really make your toes look the part.

Love Fiona

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