Friday, 18 April 2014

Feelin flushed?

Do you feel like you have a constant flush to your cheeks? Some people do have a tendency to have red cheeks. Whether this it is due to sensitive skin, rosacea or acne, here is a quick fix method for combating redness:

Use a primer! This is by far the most effective and important tool I think for anybody, but particularly for combating that flushed cheek look. The primer you are looking for is a green primer. The green in the primer neutralises the red colour of the area where you apply it. Don’t worry you won’t look like The Hulk. When you apply the primer it works to take any redness out of the skin leaving the skin looking a neutral color. My favourite primer to use is Smashbox Photofinishing Colour Correcting primer in Adjust, £25. 

You only need a small amount and buff it gently into your skin before you apply your foundation and you’re your skin will look an even colour. The redness is gone! Normal concealer alone won’t work to cover the redness. After applying your primer you can then apply the rest of the makeup as normal. 

Try however to avoid red or pink blush if you are prone to a flush and stick to bronzer or peachy colours to give some colour to your cheeks. 

Do you have any techniques you use to get rid of red cheeks. Let me know on here or you can tweet me @Fiona_BridalMUA

Love Fiona

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