Thursday, 3 July 2014

Argan Oil!

I love Argan oil for my skin and my hair. My mum is the first person who introduced me to this product after being given a sample from her hairdresser. It smells gorgeous and is really hydrating. It has been used in Morocco for centuries but has now found its way into the celebrity world and they love it!
The benefits of Argan oil on hair are:

• It is nourishing and puts vitality and shine back into tired hair

• It smells amazing

• Protects hair from heat styling

• Reduces frizz

When looking for Argan oil you can either search for the concentrated organic argan oil which can be added into your daily hair care regime or it can also be found in small amounts in hair care products such as the Morrocan Oil range. My favourite product to use is Argan Secret Shine Mist which is an argan oil infused conditioning, gloss spray. I spray this product on to damp hair to hydrate and give my hair a healthy shine. This is a particularly useful product to take on holiday.
Argan oil can also be used on your skin. The benefits of Argan oil for your skin (including your face):

• It is hydrating but lightweight so will sink easily into the skin making it glow

• It is suitable for all skin types

• It can help skin conditions such as eczema and acne

Let me know what you think?

Love Fiona

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