Wednesday, 6 February 2013

2-3 week tan yes please!

Hey guys,

It is a fact come summer time I become a bit obssessed with being tanned. As I am very fair skinned and do not tan naturally I am always trying different tanning solutions. My version of tanning is to go red and then back to white! So when I see a tan that will last 2-3 weeks how can I not give it a go!! This amazing long lasting tan comes from Vita Liberata.

I have tried numerous types of tans before from salon spray tans by Vani-T (which I love its very natural but a bit pricey) to home mousse tanning products by Laurens Way tanning mousse (this is probably my fav but it does come off on the bed sheets and only lasts a few days, and of course the wash off tan that is sun shimmer on for nights out. The only problem with sunshimmer is rain and if you get caught you look like you have a skin problem and i have had to go into a nightclub bathroom and wash it off before!! So I am quite intrigued by the waterproof sun shimmer as you don't have to stress about rain, have you tried it? Let me know what you think?

What attracted me to Vita Liberata?......
Firstly it is paraben free!! This is a big plus as I am very concerned about what I put on my skin as it is absorbed into my body and I don't want nasty stuff being soaked up.
Secondly it contains 70% organic extracts that are kind to skin and produce a natural fade (there is nothing worse than funny tan patches when it it is fading off)
Third, it has no alcohol or perfumes in it perfect for sensitive skin (like mine!).
Last but definately not least it lasts 2-3 weeks, great!!

So I have tried the phenomenal 2-3 week long lasting tan mousse in fair. Below is the colour of my skin naturally (very pale after the winter months!!):

This is after the recommended 2 applications within 24hrs to get the tan long-lasting. They recommend washing the tan off and reapplying between 2 and 24hrs after first application, so this is what I did. It promises no streaks and no smells. Well as I applied it it does smell like greek yogurt which is not a bad thing as it could transport you to images of a greek island where you could be getting a natural tan!! It was very easy to apply, glided on smoothly using there mit. So it felt silky smooth, very quick to apply and I cant smell the tan after 5 minutes of applying which is a bonus! All good so far.

What do you think? The colour was very natural, probably not as dark as I would go for in the summer months but I can always buy the darker shade. The people I showed the tan to said it looked very natural and they could not smell it. Very pleased with the result.

HOWEVER, it did not last 2-3 weeks, in fact it barely made 2 weeks!! this could be due to lack of maintenance (mouisturising) on my part or maybe it needed another coat initially. It did fade very naturally however no funny patches which was brill.

So overall I am very pleased with this product and will use it again but maybe get a darker one for the summer, and probably an occassional spray tan :)

Which are you best home tanning mousses? or do you prefer a spray? Tell me all about your tanning stories please :)

My best story is a friend of mine had a spray tan at a salon and they missed the back of her legs!!! ha ha you cant help but laugh.

love Fiona xxxx

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