Monday, 16 December 2013

Instant inch loss!

Universal Body Contour Wrap

Its Christmas and you have a big event coming up. You have got a gorgeous party dress that you have bought for the occasion. However there are so many Christmas goodies on offer and you feel you may have eaten one to many mince pies. Sound familiar? If you are in need of a quick fix to lose those extra inches, I have found the perfect solution. Last week booked in for the Universal Body Contour wrap at Inches toning and weight loss salon in Nantwich . I was advised to go for the clay wrap as it promises the biggest inch lost instantly, in fact it promises at least 6 inches loss! The wrap works by getting rid of toxins in the body rather than water.

24 Hours prior to the wrap there is no alcohol or caffeine allowed. No skin creams the night before so the pores can absorb as much of the detox as possible. Then a light breakfast in the morning and I am ready to be wrapped up!

She measures you before and after the wrap to show you the immediate results. I was shocked 9 ½ inch loss for lying around in bandages for an hour. I could definitely feel the difference as well as see it. It was a great quick fix and my dress fitted perfectly.  The added bonus is it is also great for your skin, as it exfoliates and leaves skin nice and smooth.

Now you can relax and have another mince pie.

Happy Christmas
Love Fiona xxx

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