Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Summer Skin

Hi guys,

It is actually currently raining but as the sun has been shinning recently and the temperature was seeming heating up my mind starts to turn to summer and long hot days. This means it is time to get your skin summer ready. Not ready? Me neither! Here are my top tips only using products found already at  home to get your skin in tip top shape before you get your shorts out:

Buff your skin: It is time to shed your winter woollies and buff off any dry skin your big jumpers and fleecy tights have been hiding. Use an exfoliator once a week in the shower. Concentrate on any particularly dry bit like your elbows and feet. You can make your own exfoliator by mixing Demerara sugar with olive oil. Try adding some essential oils to make it smell great, my favourite is lavender as it is also relaxing.

Moisturise: After you have removed the dry skin you need to moisturise as the moisturiser will be able to soak in deeper. Choose a moisturising body oil as it soaks easily into your skin leaving it soft and glowing. Massage the oil in circular motions into the skin, this also stimulates circulation, making skin glow. Check your kitchen cupboard. Try using olive or coconut oil are great moisturisers. My favourite is coconut oil as it also smells tropical. 

Let me know what your favourite homeade beauty products are?

Love Fiona

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