Friday, 4 April 2014

Lets get fit!

Summer is fast approaching and if like me you have found yourself unmotivated to work out then its time to kick start a new training plan!

Sometimes it is hard to motivate yourself to work out. The prospect for going for a run for an hour on the treadmill does not fill you with joy. It can be boring! So here is a fitness trend that is fast and effective. I am talking about HIIT training. This stands for High Intensity Interval Training. The basis of this kind of training is working to your maximum effort for a short period of time with a rest and then you repeat the exercise. The benefits of HIIT training are:

  • HIIT training increases your metabolism. Your heart rate increases during training and becomes twice as efficient in half the time.
  •  During HIIT training you burn more calories during a session than you do a steady workout. Then as an added bonus you carry on burning for calories and fat for 24hrs after training.
  • HIIT is great because it is efficient, perfect for a busy work schedule. It is hard work of course but you can achieve better results from 15 minutes HIIT training than running for an hour. Great!

  • You can do HIIT training anywhere; on your own at home or outside, at a bootcamp, at your gym.

  • It makes you younger! Can you believe it? HIIT training increases the production of the Human Growth Hormone, which makes you younger inside and out. 

I often find that training with others helps motivate me. I have found a great bootcamp in Stoke-on Trent called Life without Limits studio. This studio bases its classes on the HIIT training principles so that you workout keeps burning those calories after training. I started with friends and within one month my body had changed drastically, better than any gym routine I have ever tried. I was stronger, fitter and had more energy.
Try it for yourself and see the difference in only a month! I am addicted.

Fiona xxx

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